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Intent and Vision

At Education Links we recognise that every person has the ability to achieve and we provide a safe environment for students to share and learn. In order to create confident individuals who can independently achieve success in their communities, we provide our students with a broad and balanced curriculum that allows for seamless reintegration into mainstream school or scope for a wide range of further educational pathways. 

Our holistic curriculum is shaped on the needs of the young people in our care. It is flexible and changes yearly through the extensive evaluation we do in order to ensure that our young people get the quality education that is right for them. We aim to give each student a personalised program that embraces their strengths and supports them to overcome the hurdles they face. 

Students take initial assessments upon entry to the school to assess their base levels across the curriculum. Individual programmes of study are created to ensure gaps in learning are identified and addressed, both in the classroom and, where appropriate, through online learning. Progress is tracked from starting points and aspirational targets set and monitored. 

An important part of our school culture is celebrating the gifts, talents, skills and achievements of each and every one of our students in order to promote a positive attitude to learning. We pride ourselves on never giving up on our young people even when they give up on themselves and promote resilience through supportive and constructive feedback methods. We offer intense mentoring within our small group structure and teach by example, making a positive difference and guiding young people in their choices for the future.