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Making a Positive Difference

Kelly’s story....

“When I was in Year 11, I was struggling. I didn’t get on well with my mum.  I hated school and got expelled, which is how I ended up at Education Links.

When I started my mum and I were about to be evicted, and because my mum was struggling I ended up dealing with quite a lot of it. The staff at Education Links helped by liaising with social services, and by giving me schoolwork I could do at home. As I got to know the staff I felt like I could trust them – some of them had been through similar things to me, and all of them seemed to understand. They told me I could be successful if I tried and I thought they might be right, so I started turning up more often and working harder.

Every week or two I’d meet with the therapist, sometimes with my mum as well. I started feeling happier and really wanted to go to college, so Education Links put me forward to do 5 GCSEs. I like English and got on well with the English teacher, so I tried really hard with the coursework and the exams and was so pleased when I passed them all. My best marks were in English, and I got a place in college.   I feel much more confident to make my own decisions now, and to stand up for myself, which means I also get on much better with my mum.”

Daniel wrote ....

“I feel as though going to Education Links really benefited me and sorted my head out. It was a ‘wake-up call’ that I needed to get back on track. Without the help of everyone at Education Links, I’d still be messing around and getting myself into situations that would get me into loads of trouble.  I would like to thank everyone at Education Links. I owe them a lot and appreciate what they did for me”

What parents say ....

“Well, all I can say is you have turned my daughter around. Thank you.”

“I appreciate the time and effort that all the teachers and support workers have given to my child. He is so much happier at home, too.”

“My son’s future will be much brighter through your hard work.”

Ofsted’s view of our school

“The quality of education provided by Education Links is good overall and supports the school’s aim of helping young people to overcome the barriers to their learning.”

“An emphasis on developing personal skills and social awareness is at the core of the school’s aims.”

“Teachers are dedicated to supporting the pupils, who express their appreciation of the guidance they receive.”

“…all staff demonstrate a good understanding of pupils’ personal as well as learning needs.”

“…they make good progress.  Behaviour is good.”