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Promoting Positive Behaviour

Deeply embedded in our philosophy is that all our young people have talents and can succeed.  Our dedicated skilled staff are able to offer them a nurturing, safe environment where there are opportunities for their development both academically and personally.

We pride ourselves on being open and approachable and we build good relationships with all our pupils, their parents and their referring schools.  Everything is underpinned by our vision statement, and a commitment to help every young person to achieve their potential.

Our behaviour policy is a statement of good practice that covers all aspects of life at Education Links that contribute to the development and maintenance of good behaviour and a positive ethos. All members of Education Links are expected to help maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning, with courtesy and mutual respect as basic requirements.  The procedures and principles on which the policy is based will be carried out by all staff consistently, to promote actions and behaviours that will enable our young people to become ‘confident individuals who can independently achieve success in their communities’.

CLAT Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy

Rewards and Class Dojo

Rewards for acts of positive behaviour, and improvements in behaviour generally, will be used to encourage students to make the best choices.  To track these changes we use the Class Dojo online platform. Students are given positive or negative points based on their behaviour in lessons, around the school and during offsite activities. This is tracked weekly and certificates are presented to those achieving 100 points, 200 points, 300 and so on. At 200, 400 and 600 points they also receive a £10 voucher. These presentations are made in a weekly assembly.

The full range of rewards will include:

  1. Weekly Class Dojo Certificates and Prizes: as stated above
  2. Instant wins: staff will reward individual small incidences of progress with a relevant small reward, e.g. for winning a literacy quiz as a lesson starter
  3. Positive group experience: occasional rewards for group effort which promotes group cohesion, e.g. a lunchtime treat, or group activity
  4. End of term trip: an outing for a teaching group to mark the overall achievements of the group through a term, which also promotes social skills
  5. Jack Petchey Award Scheme: a scheme to reward personal achievement in young people, sponsored by the Jack Petchey Foundation
  6. Presentation Day: our annual awards ceremony to mark the end of Year 11 for those leaving school.  Prizes and certificates are given across the age range for achievement in academic subjects, personal effort and improvement, attendance and punctuality, and any other prize or trophy.  Record of Achievement folders are presented to leavers.

Screening Procedure

 In order to maintain a calm, safe and supportive learning environment, Education Links exercises the right to screen students on arrival for prohibited items.  The procedure can be found here - CLAT Screening Procedure - Information for Parents