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What happens when my child is referred?

Frequently asked questions - these apply to a long-term placement.

How will I know about the referral?

Your child's school should have held a meeting or spoken to you about making a referral to us and explained the reasons for the referral.

Do I have to agree the referral?

Yes. You should give your permission for the referral to be made and feel it is in the best interests of your child. At this point nothing is formalised until we meet with you.

What happens next?

We would look at the referral and speak with the school. We would then make a decision on where we thought your child would be best suited to attend from our 3 sites.

What is this based on?

This would be based on age, where you live, where you are happy to travel to, which staff may be most suitable to work with your child, level of need both academically and emotionally, the particular course/subjects we do and other students already with us.

When will I be contacted?

We would then ring you to arrange a meeting with you and your child at a convenient time.

Where would this be?

This would be held at whichever site we felt your child would be most suited to. We would also discuss this with you when we set up the meeting to make sure you were happy.

Who would be at the meeting? 

Normally our Students Services Manager who takes the referrals from schools, and the Pastoral Teaching Assistant who will work on a day-to-day basis with your child. Sometimes someone who knows your child well from the referring school may also attend.

Is there lots of paperwork to fill in? 

No, just a simple registration form and a contract to read and sign.

What happens if I need help filling out the forms?

We will help with this and fill it out for you if necessary.

 What happens if English is not my first language and I have trouble communicating?

We have staff that speak a wide range of languages but we can also get an interpreter in if necessary. Alternatively, you can bring a family member with you if you wish.

What happens at the meeting?

We would explain how Education Links works - timetables, lunches, rules of the school - and discuss the needs of your child, and try to get to know you both. You can ask as many questions as you wish.

Do I have to agree to the placement?

No, not if you don't feel it is right for your child. They would remain in their school.

If I do agree to the placement what happens next? 

At the meeting a start date would be agreed upon, normally 1 or 2 days after the meeting takes place.

Does my child need to wear a uniform?

No. There is no uniform. We ask that students dress appropriately for the school day.