About us


“It’s just like being part of a family”.

100% of our students said they enjoy being at Education Links – Student Survey 2011.

Education Links opened as an alternative provision free school in September 2014.  Prior to this, we were an independent special school owned by Community Links Trust Ltd, having grown from a part-time youth provision established in 1995.

Our students are mainly drawn from the London Borough of Newham, where we are a preferred provider of alternative education.  Young people are referred to us because they are not succeeding in mainstream school.  Our aim is to work with them in such a way as to engage them in the process of learning, catering for their emotional, intellectual and social needs.  They may have been excluded, or are at risk of exclusion, are transferring school through a managed move, or have been given a fixed term exclusion.

Deeply imbedded in our philosophy is that all our young people have talents and can succeed.  Our dedicated, skilled staff are able to offer them a nurturing, safe environment where there are opportunities for their development both academically and personally.

We pride ourselves on being open and approachable and we build good relationships with all our students, their parents and their referring schools.  Everything is underpinned by our vision statement, and a commitment to help every young person to achieve their potential.