AQA GCSE Science A

Support Materials

The following list of web-sites provide useful information and examples which should be used to support your learning thorough out the year and prepare you for your final exams:

This link provide a compilation of best practice example cards with key words and definitions to use as revision materials. There is emphasis on completing short activities, frequently, which will help to embed facts, and build confidence.

These teaching strategies will help build confidence and dispel pupils' perceptions that they 'can't do exams'. Helping learners to unpick the process of tackling questions, and build success in small steps by using levelled questions.

BBC Bitesize

A collection of learner guides and video clips designed to cover the latest GCSE Science curricula. All topics include example and quizzes that give students the opportunity to test their understanding.

A collection of 200+ videos created by an experienced science teacher, which cover the entire AQA Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSEs. Also includes exam-style questions and answer schemes to prepare students for exams.