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The Museum of London – Lyle Group



On the 9th of October Lyle group went to the Museum of London .We got a train from Stratford station to the Barbican. The train was full with people trying to go to work. When we got off the train the museum was only down the road, about a 5 minute walk away. As we arrived at the museum we put our coats in the lockers and off we went.  At the main entrance there was the Roman London exhibition. It showed us what life was like back then and how they lived. As we went through the museum we saw old cars, phones and we even saw an exhibition of the Great Fire of London. I would rate this museum 3 stars.



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The Museum of London was a good experience. We got a train from Stratford station to the Barbican and as soon as we got there it was quite empty but then we went in there were so many historical items! In the Roman London exhibition we saw videos of how the Romans used some items we still use until this day such as makeup. We also saw a video of Education Links students talking about Roman London and the difference between the everyday rituals of then and now. Susannah and I completed a digital survey together about what London should be like in the future. After we finished in the museum we got a train to Oxford Street, had a stroll around and had lunch McDonalds. As we were leaving McDonald’s a bird pooped on Nelson’s head and we all had a laugh!



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The Museum of London is home to many exhibitions such as Roman London where you can see everyday Roman objects. You could also see London Before London where you can meet the oldest Londoner and discover a time when wild animals roamed Trafalgar Square. You could visit the War, Plague and Fire exhibition that shows a turbulent time of great expansion and terrible devastation. You can also see a detailed model of the Rose Theatre where Shakespeare plays were performed, Oliver Cromwell’s death mask and a fireman’s helmet from the late 1600’s.



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Did you know that before the Romans invaded Britain, London did not exist? The Romans invaded in AD43. They built a bridge over the River Thames. Around it they built a town. Londinium became the most important town in Britain for the next 400 years. Before all these major buildings were made and these famous areas were created, there were animals wandering around!



Londinium information by Edon Hodaj

[photo of all at the station and another group photo]



Park group looked at the slave trade and child labour in India, Senegal and Albania which informed their viewing of the film Slumdog Millionaire and tried their creative hands making cupcakes and biscuits.


Lea group took a trip the science museum