Student Work

On Thursday 23th May I took part in my BTEC performance entitled “Rumours”. When the audience walked in I felt nervous and I was sweating a little bit but I felt like I could do it even with all the pressure. How did I prepare? I played a teenager so I acted a bit like myself! I played two characters and I pictured my mentor, Lawal and acted how he acts for my scene when I played the father of my classmate, Lee. Rehearsals where thorough because we repeated a scene 3 or 4 times as it helped us with our timing skills and facial expressions. How did I feel on the day? I felt brave until I saw the audience and then I felt scared. After the play I felt relieved and proud because I couldn’t hold my nerves for any longer. I overly enjoyed participating in this play and I would recommend acting to other people.

By Lloyd

A Performer's Perspective