Vision Statement

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Our Vision

• To create confident individuals who can independently achieve success in their communities.

Our Purpose

• To be a specialist education provider to young people excluded from mainstream schools, using techniques of emotional mentoring to enable them to have a brighter future.

Our Mission

• To recognise that every person has the ability to achieve, and to raise aspirations in all learners.

• To give each student a personalised program that embraces their strengths and supports them to overcome the hurdles they face.

• To be supportive and empathic to students and families through our knowledge and understanding of their emotional needs.

• To provide a safe environment for students to share and learn and for staff to teach and support.

• To strengthen communities through building positive relationships with our students and their families.

• To celebrate the gifts, talents and skills of all students, and to promote a positive attitude to learning.

• To welcome and respect all who come to our school, regardless of ethnicity, faith, culture and sexuality.

• To teach by example, making a positive difference and guiding young people in their choices for the future.

• To never give up on young people, even when they give up on themselves.

• To be the ears, to have the heart and to take the time where others haven’t.