Education Links



Education Links provides a robust and innovative careers programme specifically designed to inspire, inform, advise and guide our young people. It is common for most schools to have a seasonal careers adviser who comes in to conduct interviews usually to year 11’s when applications for colleges, training or employment are due.


  • As Education Links is more than just a school, we provide a dedicated careers adviser who is available at all times during the entire academic year for all ages. Our careers adviser is a teacher who delivers career related qualifications to the whole school.
  • This means all young people from year 7 to 11 have compulsory Careers lessons as part of their curriculum. This allows the pupils at Education Links to bond and create a rapport with the dedicated careers adviser and are constantly reminded of their set goals and aspirations. 
  • Regular visits from guest speakers, corporate volunteers  and charities inspire young people to think creatively about their future. 


Aims and Learning Outcomes

The Careers course at Education Links is delivered in line with the Prince’s Trust Achieve Programme and is aimed at building vital skills for our students encouraging them to become entrepreneurs, build leadership skills, and enabling them to support our local community through project based learning.  


  • Our Enterprise Project helps our young people to learn and practice the skills involved in developing new commercial ideas and creative projects.
  • These skills include teamwork, budgeting, risk management and leadership.
  • They are provided with opportunities to plan and carry out an enterprise project of their own.



To plan and carry out a project within the local community to gain individual development and to benefit the local community 



  • To develop project planning skills, define targets and agree actions  
  • To develop skills including time-management money management, decision-making, organisation, and team-working (and where appropriate, leadership)  
  • To build a sense of achievement  
  • To develop awareness of business