Education Links

Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do I need to wear a uniform?

There is no uniform at Education Links, although we do expect students to dress appropriately with no hood coverings allowed inside the centres.


Will I be safe?

Education Links has a strict code of conduct. All students are expected to respect one another as well as the staff.


How many students are there in a class?

We work in small group environments in a class.


What kind of support will I get?

As we are a small school we can offer a lot of individual support, as well as our own staff, we work closely with outside agencies.


Do I need to bring anything?

We provide all equipment and also provide a halal lunch that is free for all of our students.


What time does school start?

We start at 8:15am and finish at 2-30pm, our breakfast club is free and is open from 8:15 am until 8:45am.


Will I be able to do all my GCSEs?

We offer some GCSEs in English Language, English Lit, Maths, RS and Art &  Design.  We also deliver other non-GCSE subjects, including IT, Careers and PE . We may be able to provide support to enable students to continue with GCSEs working closely with their mainstream school. We also offer Functional Skills in Maths and English.


Are there sets/streaming for different subjects?

No, as groups are small we can provide 1-to-1 support if necessary and offer a range of interventions if a student needs them. All groups have a coordinator, mentor, and tutor with them in all lessons. Lots of support and encouragement are given at all times.


Will I still be able to go to College?

We offer an extremely successful careers transition programme with our own careers advisor.


Can I go back to a mainstream school?

That would be decided on an individual basis, depending on circumstances.