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Education Links is an Alternative Provision Free School.  Our reputation has been built on using innovative approaches to address the various needs of our young people. 


Some of our students are referred to us by their mainstream schools because they are not thriving, they may be demonstrating challenging behaviour, or they need a brief respite to get back on track. Consequently, some of those young people may be with us for a very short time, following our Short Term Educational Programme (STEP), and then they return to their school with the strategies they need to succeed.


For others, they need a longer intervention and may stay with us until they take examinations at the end of Year 11.  They are then ready to move on to further education or employment.  For both programmes, we see a high success rate in those transitions to the next step in their learning.  For the Long Term Educational Programme (LTEP) students may also be referred by the local authority.  We work closely with the mainstream schools to manage exam entries.


Over many years we have also gained a reputation as specialists in supporting young people with special needs, especially those with social, emotional and mental health difficulties, specific learning difficulties, ADHD and autism.  In some cases, we have instigated the assessment a student needs to access the best provision, in others, we have been that best provision for young people who thrive in small teaching groups with higher than usual levels of adult support.  Working across 3 sites, we are able to meet the needs of individual students.   We have a bespoke ASD provision for students with a diagnosis of non-verbal autism.


Our specialisms also extend to managing Newham borough's Late Arrivals Programme (NewLAP) on behalf of the London Borough of Newham.  This programme is aimed at young people who arrive in the authority from overseas in their Year 11, too late to enrol at a mainstream school.  They study at the two FE colleges in Newham, leading to GCSEs or vocational courses on post-16 courses.  A recent addition is management of the transition programme run by Resources for Autism, a charity.  This programme is known as Orange House, and is based at an alternative site in Newham.



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