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More than just a school

In the 21st century schools are not simply a place of learning.  Here at Education Links, we understand that young people, and their parents, demand a quality of provision that matches their aspirations. But not everyone succeeds in mainstream school and a fresh approach can make all the difference to those who are struggling and underachieving.  We believe our provision offers a unique path for the disaffected and disengaged students, showing them that they still have a chance to succeed.

Our strengths lie in the methods that we employ: 

  • Staff form supportive relationships with students which enables young people to engage fully with their learning 
  • The small group size and student:staff ratio enables staff to give students the attention they need
  • Our staff are in contact with parents and carers regularly to report on the daily successes as well as dealing with difficult issues, building important relationships with families 
  • Individual programmes can be created to address both learning and behavioural issues 
  • By using several sites we can create a nurturing environment that vulnerable young people can thrive in, in their own locality, by having a base they can feel at home in 
  • We actively seek to work closely with other agencies or professionals who can help support the needs of our students. 
  • We are an effective partner with the education authority and local schools, working together for the benefit of young people
  • We establish special relationships with corporate supporters, who provide practical as well as financial aid, and we welcome volunteers from business and industry to work alongside us on school events 

Most importantly, we have a dedicated staff team with many years of experience, who recognise that the relationships they build with young people today will bear fruit in the confident successful adults of the future. In a harsh 21st century world, we will never give up on young people, even when they give up on themselves.