Education Links

Admissions and Referrals


Students are admitted by referral only.  Referrals can only be made by schools and the local authority. 


  • Commissioners will be approached each autumn to secure places for the following academic year. Please contact our office for details.
  • Local authority placements should be directed to the Headteacher or the Student Services Manager. 
  • Consultations for SEND placements should be addressed to the Headteacher and the SEND manager.




For all school referred placements 

Referral forms can be completed by a Head of Year, SENCO, Head of Inclusion, or whoever has the best knowledge of the student.  However, the referral form (front page) must be signed by the Headteacher or a Deputy to approve the placement.  A parental agreement is also required for a long-term placement.  It is the referring school’s responsibility to inform the parent/carer of the placement location, start time and date.


  • Please provide as much information as you can on the referral form as a suitable and adequate placement can only be based on the information we are provided with and our aim is to meet the needs of the student. 
  • Priority of placement is given to schools that have commissioned spaces; availability is limited and not guaranteed without a service level agreement.
  • Education Links reserves the right to adjust charges for undisclosed high heeds placements after the start of the placement. 
  • Any queries with invoicing should be directed to our Finance Team at
  • Individual attendance registers are emailed on a weekly basis to the nominated contact, and regular communication is maintained with referring schools.
  • To request a long term placement please contact Gary Partridge either by phone 07956 049006 or by email at
  • Your needs and those of the student can be discussed prior to completing the referral form.



Short Term Educational Programme (STEP)

To request a short term placement please contact

Deborah Gallagher either by phone 07851 669559 or by email at


  • Referral forms must be signed by the Headteacher and emailed before the placement can start.  Referral forms must be received at the latest by midday, one day prior to the placement start date.
  • Once the referral form is received and checked, the availability and location of placement will be confirmed by email.  The cost of non-commissioned placements will be confirmed at this point.
  • A report will be provided prior to the reintegration meeting and the student’s return to school providing information on attendance, punctuality, behaviour and reflection.
  • A member of staff from Education Links will attend the review meeting to feedback and discuss strategies, suggestions or plans.
  • We can not guarantee availability in the event of a placement needing to be extended. If approved, the front page of the referral form will need to be amended and resent one day prior to extension.