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All students at Education Links have access to educational interventions for literacy and numeracy in order to close any learning gaps or extend on classroom learning. Students requiring interventions are identified by staff and referred to the Intervention Lead who then creates a programme of study and assigns a tutor to lead and track the intervention sessions. The sessions provide students with a safe place to practice, make mistakes and explore constructive feedback for improvement.

Education Links recognises that every student has unique needs, experiences and challenges. We use mentoring interventions that are tailored to each young person's individual requirements, taking into account their identified traumas and special educational needs. Our approach is rooted in empathy, understanding and a commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment for all.
Education Links is located in the vibrant and diverse borough of Newham, where young people face a range of challenges related to teenage life.  Our day-to-day mentoring in and out of lesson time provides guidance, support and encouragement for our students to navigate the complexities of growing up.  We work closely with our students to identify their goals, interests and strengths to develop resilience and overcome any obstacles they may face.  We are dedicated to 'creating confident individuals who can independently achieve success in their communities'.