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School Meals & Healthy Eating


We have our own kitchen and catering staff, and we are able to provide a hot midday meal to every student.  Our menus are carefully planned to cater for dietary preferences and allergies, and each day there is a choice of 3 main courses dishes and 2 desserts, with a free-choice salad bar. 


Being a small school we cannot offer the cafeteria service that a large school can, so meals must be ordered in advance.  New students will be supported by their staff to complete their order.  We ask that parents/carers inform staff of any allergies or other dietary requirements at the admission meeting.


Our policy supports the guidelines on Healthy Eating, and so no sweets, crisps, carbonated drinks or similar items are permitted.  Students are asked to not bring these items to school, as they will be confiscated until the end of the day.  Water is freely available for drinking.  However, there are special occasions when cakes or confectionery will be on offer. 


Breakfast Club

We offer Breakfast Club at all out sites, and encourage students to attend.  At Stratford and East Ham campuses breakfast is available from 8.15am until 8.45am.  Students are offered cereal, toast, and a hot drink as a minimum, and other choices include fruit juice, smoothies and bagels.


Break times

We recognise that students need a boost mid-morning, so fruit is on offer, and at times toast or bagels.  We encourage students to make full use of the school food provision, and so breakfast, break and lunch will provide the energy they need through the day.


CLAT Healthy Eating and School Food Policy