Education Links

Physical Education


Our PE curriculum at Education Links seeks to give students opportunities to participate in a wide range of sporting activities so that they gain a deep knowledge and broad overview of these activities with the overall aim to encourage students to foster a lifelong love for being physically active. The programme aims to build leadership and teamwork skills, promote resilience and develop confidence.


We have included a range of team sports e.g. football and netball, which help to develop students’ teamwork, communication skills, interpersonal relationships and leadership skills. We have also included recreational sports e.g. gym  and martial arts to show that participation in physical activity doesn’t have to be competitive. We give students opportunities to compete outside of school in competitive fixtures and competitions in the wider community.


Students will complete joint lessons with Pedro ABC in boxing and Fitness Martial Arts. Students cover a range of mixed sports including volleyball, netball, football, badminton.  All students will participate in athletics to prepare for our whole school annual Sports Day which is always a highlight in our school calendar.