Education Links

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


At Education Links, we are committed to fostering an environment of continuous learning and professional growth for all our staff. We recognise that to provide the highest quality educational experiences for our pupils, it is essential that our educators are not only well-trained but also continually developing their professional skills and knowledge. Our extensive training programme is designed to support our teachers in their ongoing professional journey.

Our comprehensive CPD programme encompasses various forms of training at all levels, ensuring that every staff member has access to the resources and support they need to excel. Here’s a detailed overview of our CPD initiatives:


Weekly Staff Training Sessions:

    • Every week, we hold dedicated training sessions for all staff members. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including the latest educational research, innovative teaching strategies, classroom management techniques, and the integration of technology in teaching. These sessions are designed to keep our staff up-to-date with current trends and best practices in education.


Specialised Training for Early Career Teachers (ECTs):

    • We offer tailored training programmes specifically for Early Career Teachers (ECTs). This training is focused on supporting new teachers as they transition from their initial teacher education into the classroom. Topics include lesson planning, assessment strategies, and effective communication with students and parents. Our goal is to build a strong foundation for ECTs to develop into proficient and confident educators.


Team Teaching Opportunities for ECTs:

    • To further support Early Career Teachers, we encourage team teaching. This approach allows ECTs to collaborate with experienced teachers, providing them with hands-on experience and mentorship. Through team teaching, ECTs can observe and implement effective teaching practices, receive immediate feedback, and gradually take on more responsibility in a supportive environment.


Visits to Other Schools to Observe Best Practices:

    • Learning from the successes of others is a key component of our CPD programme. We arrange visits to other schools renowned for their best practices. These visits enable our staff to observe different teaching methods, classroom setups, and school cultures. By seeing how other educators address challenges and achieve excellence, our staff can bring back innovative ideas and strategies to implement at Education Links.


Access to External CPD Resources:

    • In addition to our in-house training, we provide access to a wide range of external CPD opportunities. This includes workshops, seminars, conferences, and online courses offered by educational organisations and institutions. These external resources allow our staff to pursue specialised interests, stay informed about advancements in education, and network with other professionals in the field.


In-House Training with Certification:

    • We offer a variety of in-house training programmes that come with formal certification upon completion. These programmes cover areas such as leadership development, curriculum design, and advanced pedagogical techniques. By providing certification, we recognise and validate the professional growth of our staff, encouraging them to continue their development.


We believe that our innovative CPD programme empowers our teaching staff to deliver exceptional learning opportunities for Education Links pupils. Our commitment to continuous professional development ensures that our educators are always equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to inspire and educate our students effectively.