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Our Sport curriculum is part of our Leadership Program. We ensure the programme is challenging and enables our students to reach their full potential. The curriculum includes both competitive and non-competitive sports with a strong focus on Sports Leadership. There is potential within the qualification to prepare learners for employment in this particular vocational sector and it is suitable for those who have decided that they wish to enter a sporting career. Many sports are delivered across the school including a range of team and individual activities, including: football, tennis, badminton, basketball, cricket, rounders, fitness testing and circuit training. 

The programme aims to build transferable skills including:

  • Communication

    • Writing, speaking and listening to others

    • Using body language to help communication

    • Using communication for different purposes

    • Communicating in a variety of ways, including electronic and social media

  • Working with others

    • Setting common goals

    • Showing respect for others in the team and valuing their contributions

    • Listening to others in the team, being open minded

    • Taking on roles and responsibilities

  • Problem solving

    • Identifying issues by being able to examine information

    • Dealing with change

    • Decision making to find solutions

    • Staying with a problem until it is resolved

    • Using IT to help solve problems

  • Managing information

    • Collecting and using information from different sources

    • Determining relevance and accuracy of information

    • Organising information

    • Representing information in different ways

    • Using IT to present and store information

  • Self-management and development

    • Setting goals and planning ahead

    • Being proactive and flexible

    • Being resilient and able to work under pressure

    • Monitoring performance and devising strategies for improvement

    • Using IT for time management