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For more information contact Deborah Gallagher  or Debbie Rozbicki

Phone: 0208 555 0850




Viewings after 3pm daily 

Education Links is an alternative provision free school. We are a specialist provider, working with young people who are not thriving in mainstream schools.  Our dedicated staff work with students to enable them to realise their potential, and to engage again with learning.  We are able to provide a range of programmes to meet the needs of secondary age students and we work closely with their referring schools, their families, and other professionals to achieve success.

The school has three buildings situated in Newham and when not operating as a school the buildings are able to be hired to the public for private lettings on weekends. We are also hoping to attract lettings during the week for classes such as after school activities, cooking, ICT and fitness. We will be adding pictures to the gallery of classes currently hiring our spaces and also of the buildings themselves. Please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email with any enquiries.