Community Links Academy Trust is seeking to appoint a highly motivated, passionate and inspirational learning support assistant to join our dedicated team.

You will have the opportunity to work with individual children on a 1-1 basis at a well-resourced building located in Plaistow.

The main purpose of the role is as follows :

Support for the Student
● To provide 1:1 support throughout the teaching day according to the agreed rota
● To aid the student to learn as effectively as possible both in group situations and on his/her own by, for example:
o Clarifying and explaining instructions
o Ensuring the student is able to use equipment and materials provided
o Motivating and encouraging the student(s) as required by providing levels of individual attention, reassurance and help with learning tasks as appropriate to students’ needs
o Assisting in weaker areas, e.g. speech and language, reading, spelling, numeracy, handwriting/presentation etc
o Using praise, commentary and assistance to encourage the student to concentrate and stay on task
o Liaising with class teacher, SENCO and other professionals about individual education plans (IEPs), contributing to the planning and delivery as appropriate (STL5, STL19, STL24, STL30, STL25)
o Providing additional nurture to individuals when requested by the class teacher or SENCO
o Consistently and effectively implementing agreed behaviour management strategies
o Helping to make appropriate resources to support the student
● To establish constructive, supportive relationships with the student concerned
● To work as part of a team in the designated teaching group and across the wider school
● To promote the acceptance and inclusion of the student with SEN, encouraging students to interact with each other in an appropriate and acceptable manner
● To monitor the student’s response to the learning activities and, where appropriate, modify or adapt the activities as agreed with the teacher to achieve the intended learning outcomes.
● To give positive encouragement, feedback and praise to reinforce and sustain the student’s efforts and develop self-reliance and self-esteem.
● To support the student in developing social skills both in and out of the classroom
● To mark students’ work under the direction of the class teacher
● To support the use of ICT in learning activities and with specific programmes to support learning. (For example – PECS)
● When working with a group of students, understand and use group dynamics to promote group effectiveness and support group and individual performance
● Where appropriate, to know and apply positive handling techniques, using Team Teach handling strategies
● To support colleagues in ensuring the welfare of the individual students is catered for, including minor medical needs (STL38, STL39, STL40, STL42, STL43)
● Where appropriate to develop a relationship to foster links between home and school and to keep the school informed of relevant information in respect of the needs of students (STL60)
● To be aware of confidential issues linked to home/student/teacher/school
● To contribute to processes and procedures for improving attendance
● To contribute towards reviews of the student’s progress as appropriate, including annual review meetings and IEP reviews
● To carry out the above duties in accordance with the Equal Opportunities Policy.

*Please state if you have undertaken Makaton and Team Teach Training this would be an advantage

* All applications should be emailed to 


We currently have vacancies for two parent governors.


Please contact for more information.



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